Isabelle Burdel, creator-perfumer, takes her art off a long standing tradition. French perfumery, a rare skill, legacy of the master glove makers, brought to light in the era of the “belles de Paris*”, is Isabelle’s area of expertise.

Through time and centuries, the art of fragrance has become more popular. From the exclusive aristocratic salons, it has come to spread its scents and brighten up our daily lives.
Isabelle, 'nose' as her profession is commonly called, knows how to make the best of her skill for thousands of clients, companies and event organisations who value the opportunity to give their unique venue an olfactory identity. From private homes, to hotels who wish to wrap their establishments with a subtle and unique atmosphere, to communication agencies who understand the importance of having their events exhale some specific fragrance, and to other prominent figures who wish to leave an imprint of their personality with an unforgettable fragrance, Isabelle Burdel composes, elaborates and creates this unique atmosphere using essences that she blends and her creative passion.

Perfume is an imprint to which Isabelle, as a creator, has dedicated her expertise and her soul.

*Reference to nineteenth-century Parisian courtesans.